EcoActive is a living, breathing portal to sustainable products, regenerative designs, innovative technologies, and environmentally friendly services. You can think of us as a resource for regenerative services and solutions, and an online market of many merchants co-creating environmentally conscious products. Over time, this website will be a place where you will be able to find everything you need in order to live more sustainably, in balance and harmony with nature. For every purchase that you make on a merchant's website that you linked to from EcoActive, 55.5% of our commission from that merchant will be donated to a different one of our non-profit collaborators each month.

You matter. Your choices are very important. Every decision you make is either a step toward a solution, or a contribution to a problem. EcoActive wants to help you make good choices. You do not have to make all decisions alone. Our intention is to make it easy for you to find the companies that are creating healthier, better designed, innovative, and easier to use products that minimize emissions of carbon, methane, and toxic pollutants while respecting humanity and nature, supporting biodiversity, building relationships, and creating networks.

Paul Hawkins believes that there is no such thing as life without networks. We are all connected and affect each other in the most profound of ways. Making choices that minimize the use of resources, that support long product lifecycles, and that consciously take into consideration how other beings were treated in the production process is utterly rewarding and utterly consequential.

When you choose a product that you found on EcoActive, you support companies that take action to make a positive change and improve the existence of all beings on our planet. When you support these companies, they gain more financial resources to invest in their research and development, which allows them to bring you even better products and services. This creates connections, a network that then becomes an extension of a budding global community rooted in fair trade, non-violence, collaboration, and the transparent and sustainable sourcing of resources. Each EcoAction not only helps to build this global network of conscious consumption but also simultaneously allows obsolete and destructive technologies, corporations, and power structures to crumble into memories of stardust as we withdraw our support from them. When you actively participate on EcoActive, you give us the guidance and support to continue our search for healthy, efficient, budget-friendly, and pioneering products that can be obscured by the flood of poorly made, chemically treated, and seemingly inexpensive default options.

As Vandana Shiva puts it, we need to get out of the monoculture state of mind. Nature flourishes with diversity and we are, with all our variations, an integral part of this web of life. At first, EcoActive might seem unusual for various reasons such as habits, expectations, or a need for simplicity, prompting you to opt for disengagement… If you give this site a chance, you may be fond of our choices as we designed it as intuitively as we could. Please know that your suggestions and critiques are very important to us and we would be grateful to receive your feedback.

You are an active participant in your life and we want to support your active engagement in purchasing decisions. When you see a product that you think you would use often, click the “Act” button to be taken to the merchant’s website where you can learn more about the product, find slight variations on products or services, and complete a transaction.

EcoActive is an affiliate partner that curates products for you. Every time you act on a product on a merchant’s website, EcoActive receives a commission. Nevertheless, we are committed to only promoting products that we find to be sustainable and companies that find resources to be precious.

Mind and world emerge together. Once our mindset changes, the world changes. That is why we would like to entice you to look at your life, others in your life, our Earth, and the nature that surrounds you in a different way.

EcoActive believes that we do not need many things in life in order to start being joy. And, true joy is the ultimate purpose of life. What we need are basic things to care of ourselves. Then, we need to care for others, who enrich our lives such as children, parents, animals, friends, partners, coworkers, customers, and clients. We also need to take care of our world, because we coexist with animals, plants, and peoples - all sharing the same resources. Finally, if we have a dwelling, we should care for it in a way that strengthens Earth’s web of life rather than weakening it. EcoActive is a confluence of synergism so that we can be true joy, have the best intentions, shine light on problems and mistakes with compassion, and, in this lifetime, discover what it means to live wholeheartedly.

In transformation, unconditional love, peace on Earth, gratitude, regeneration, and joy,

The EcoActive Team